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The beautiful views, long straight roads and peaceful atmosphere – everything that is waiting for you in the Euro Truck Simulator. Go sit in your huge auto and begin your first work. The clients need a good skilled driver like you.

The exciting trips

You will experience the life of a driver of a huge auto in Europe. In this game, you get to drive large vehicles across various European countries. You need to complete tasks such as delivering cargo, navigating different routes, and managing your business. And each trip is completely different from others.

You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of vehicles. Customize them to your liking, and take on different jobs to earn money and grow your business. As you progress through the game, you can earn experience points and level up. So later you can unlock new autos and play on them too. Different models with their own characteristics are available for you in the store.

Deliver the cargo

So you play a driver whose main aim is to deliver the cargo. This way you will receive money and explore the entire continent. The game is realistic. So while you play, you need to follow all the rules on the road. Pay attention to all the road signs. Follow the speed limits. They differ according to the place you are driving through. And deliver your cargo safely to get your reward.

There is a map of the entire continent in front of your eyes. All the cities and countries are at your disposal. You are allowed to explore different countries, each with their unique landscapes and landmarks. So don’t forget to check the views while you are driving through high mountains and wild forests. And the cities are beautiful and full of details too.

Take on a job, load up your vehicle with cargo, and hit the road. The long and fascinating journey is waiting for you.