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Time to test the sequel to the original Euro Truck Simulator and discover all novelties creators added to the process! The huge vehicles and long exciting trips are back. You just need an auto and a couple of hours of free time!

Meet your steel friend

In Euro Truck Simulator, users have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a professional driver. The game allows users to take on the role of a driver of huge vehicles and explore various parts of Europe. Players are given an auto and a map. You are free to roam around the world, delivering goods and completing missions.

You have the opportunity to also customize your auto. Choose from a wide variety of vehicles and customize them with different paint jobs, upgrades and accessories. This allows people to personalize their experience and create a car that reflects their own style.

But where can you find enough money to purchase the model you like? You need to complete various orders for your work. Your main task is to deliver cargo to the destination. Of course, the cargo needs to be in good condition. So if you drive safely, you will be able to receive the full sum of money you were offered.

Play by rules or cause chaos on roads

One of the key features of this project is its realism. It is designed to simulate the experience of driving big vehicles as realistically as possible. The game features detailed auto models and accurate physics, making the driving experience feel very realistic. Which also means you need to follow the rules on the road.

Every driver knows that you must pay attention to all the signs. Developers added real signs that warn you about the dangers on the next parts of the road like sharp turns. They also show you the speed limit for a certain part of your trip. So in the city you can’t drive fast. But after you cross the borders of the city, try to speed up a little.

You may also notice that your character becomes tired. He can drive for eleven hours without stopping. But after this time ends, you have to stop and rest. Find the perfect spot in the parking lot or just at the gas station and sleep for eight hours.

Go and play the second part of this popular product and enjoy your pastime!