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Immerse yourself into this atmosphere again in this Euro Truck Simulator 2023 version. Deliver cargo and enjoy the views on the road!

The game is set in Europe, where users can take the role of a driver and explore different countries and cities while completing various deliveries. Begin your journey from purchasing your first vehicle and start taking on delivery jobs. And your main task is to deliver cargo to the destination.

You will transfer a wide range of cargo types, including different types of goods, heavy machinery, and even vehicles. You have to follow traffic laws and regulations while driving. Which means you need to obey the speed limits, use turn signals and stop on the red lights.

As you move forward and complete your work, you can earn money and experience points. Take a look at the store. Spend your money on new autos, customize them as you want and upgrade their characteristics. You even can add accessories to your vehicle, such as bull bars, lights, and spoilers.

The attention to detail, realistic environment, and wide range of customization options make it a favorite among similar projects fans. It will provide you with hours of relaxing trips and stunning views!