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Become a driver of a huge vehicle and deliver cargo. Explore the entire continent with your steel friend and watch stunning views. This new Euro Truck Simulator part welcomes all the gamers to test the novelties and immerse themselves into this cool atmosphere again.

Is it your dream job?

In the game, you start off as a small-time driver and work your way up the ranks by completing various jobs and building a successful business. You can choose from a variety of vehicles, trailers, and cargo to transport across Europe. You will travel all over the continent, from the busy streets of Paris to the winding roads of Scandinavia.

So you begin your trip by taking an order. You have to deliver cargo to the destination. And you can’t break or damage it. Because this way you won’t receive your payment. The long path to the destination country is starting right now. So sit in your auto and grab your wheel.

One of the things that sets Euro Truck Simulator apart from other products in this genre is its attention to details. The game features realistic physics, weather effects, and day/night cycles that add to the overall realism of it. You must also navigate through toll booths, border crossings, and other obstacles that real-life drivers encounter on a daily basis.

Time to begin your journey

The most important thing is your auto. You need a good vehicle that can drive for a long period of time. That’s why developers added a bunch of models to the menu. You have the opportunity to customize your car. Choose from a wide range of options, including different paint colors, engines, and accessories, to create your own unique auto.

Be careful on the road. There are speed limits for the city and other places. So to safely reach the destination, you need to follow the speed limits and rules on the road. The drivers will act like real people. So sometimes you need to deal with unexpected situations.

Another important rule is to have a rest. Your character gets tired after a day on the road. So you need to find a perfect spot for him to sleep. The best place is a gas station or a motel. But you can also use various parking lots. Sleep for eight hours, and you are ready for the rest of the journey.

You can play it right now on this site. So why not hit the road and see where the journey takes you?